What Kind of Cable is the Mineral Cable? Do Not Be Confused With Other Cables.

A mineral insulated cable is a cable with a copper sheath wrapped around the copper conductor core and magnesium oxide powder as inorganic insulation material to isolate the conductor and sheath. The outermost layer can be selected as required with the appropriate protective jacket.

Fire-resistant in mineral insulated cable, due to the entire material of this cable, are used inorganic materials. So it has some advantages that are not possible with other cables. Fire resistance is applied in mineral insulated cables.

Since All the Materials of This Cable are Made of Inorganic Materials, It Has Some Advantages That Other Cables May Not Have

1. Fire Resistance — The two materials used in mineral insulated cables, copper and mineral insulation, are inorganic. This cable will not burn and will not contribute to combustion, and can continue to operate under conditions close to the flame. Copper sheaths at 1083 ℃ melt.

2. High Operating Temperature — A mineral insulated cable can withstand continuous operating temperature up to 250℃. And, in an emergency, the cable can continue to operate in a short period of time at a temperature close to the melting point of the copper sheath.

3. Long Life — Inorganic materials applied in mineral insulated cables. It can ensure the cable has stability, long life, and fire resistance.

4. Explosion-proof — Highly compacted insulation material in mineral insulated cables. It prevents the passage of steam, gas, and flame between the parts of the equipment connected to the cable.

5. Small Outer Diameter — The diameter of the mineral insulated cable is smaller than other cables with the same rated current.

6. Waterproof — If the mineral insulated cable is completely immersed in water, the mineral insulated cable can continue to operate with the help of its seamless metal sheath.

7. High Mechanical Strength — Mineral insulated cables are robust and can withstand severe mechanical damage without damaging their electrical properties.

8. High current carrying capacity for the same cross-section of cable, mineral insulated cables transmit higher current than other types of cables. At the same time, mineral insulated cables can also withstand considerable overload.

9. High Short-circuit Fault Rating — At the same temperature, the short-circuit fault rating of mineral-insulated cables is significantly higher than that of other types of cables.

10. Grounding — For mineral insulated cables, there is no need for a separate grounding conductor. Because the copper sheath used in this cable already acts as a grounding conductor, it can provide a good low grounding resistance. In terms of grounding sheath circuit (ESR) wiring, the outer copper sheath can be used as a grounding and neutral conductor in the MEN (multi-grounded neutral) system.

11. Cable Network — High corrosion resistance The copper sheath of mineral insulated cables is highly resistant to corrosion and for most installations, it does not require additional protective measures. If the copper sheath of the cable is susceptible to chemical corrosion or industrial staining in serious places, it should use wrapped with a plastic outer sheath to protect the mineral insulated cable.

Application Places of Mineral Cable

1. General lighting, emergency lighting, fire alarms, fire-fighting electrical lines, emergency elevator, and lift equipment lines, computer room control lines, trunk and sub-trunk distribution system lines, dual power supply control lines, smoke emission and ventilation lines, large power lines, potentially dangerous explosive lines and other places, generator room transmission lines.

2. High-rise buildings, petrochemical industry, airports, tunnels, ships, offshore oil platforms, aerospace, iron and steel metallurgy, shopping centers, parking lots, and other occasions.

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