What is a Cable Joints?

As the name suggests, their role is to connect the electrical cable to maintain the continuity of the cable, thus enabling the transmission of electricity.Cable joints must be precisely matched and robust enough to withstand factors such as adverse weather conditions, current carrying capacity, connection voltage drop and material compatibility.

cable joint

Cable joints can have different types depending on the following factors

Voltage – The voltage indicates if the cable joint will be high, medium, or low voltage level. The voltage class of the cable connector must be the same as the voltage class of the cable. If the capacity of the cable joint is lower than the capacity of the cable, it cannot work because of the large carrying current and over-voltage.

Insulation – The insulation of the cable joint must be compatible with the insulation of the cable for the cable joint to work properly.Depending on the purpose of the cable and its insulation, the cable joint may be cold or heat shrinkable.

Core – Cables can have single or multiple insulated core wires. Cable joint should be consistent with cable core number.

Structure – cable connection also determines the type of cable joint. For example, if two cables are connected at a point, a straight-through connector will be used. If the main cable must be branched, the appropriate branching cable connector will be used. From the perspective of structure, the cable joint can be straight cable, T cable, Y cable, pot end cable, indoor cable, outdoor cable.

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Our range includes: armoured, unarmoured, straight-through and tri-point heat-shrinkable cable joints with capacities up to 72.5kV. Our direct of cold shrinkable cable joints is suitable for 1 & 3 core polymer-insulated cables up to 36kV. Our preformed (push up/slide up) straight joints are suitable for up to 36kV polymer-insulated cables.

Our heat-shrinkable cable terminations can manage loads from 1kV to 72.5kV. Our cold shrinkable cable terminations are suitable for 1 & 3 core polymer-insulated cables up to 36kV.Our preformed (push/slide) cable terminations can be safely used with polymer-insulated cables up to 36kV.

Our screened separable connectors are designed to connect single and triple core polymerized cables to medium voltage switchgear, RMU and other equipment using bushings type “C” specified for 250A, 400A, and 630A up to 24kV.

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