What is an Anchor Clamp?

The advantages of anchoring clamps: simple installation, safe use, and low price.

According to different structures and installation conditions, clamps can be roughly divided into two categories.

The first type: the anchor tension clamp should bear the full tension of the conductor or lightning rod, and the grip of the clamp should not be less than 90% of the rated tension of the installed conductor or lightning rod, but it should not be used as a conductor. After the wire is installed and used alone, the clip can be removed. Such fixtures include bolt-type strain gauges and wedge-shaped strain gauges.

The second type: In addition to bearing all the tension of the conductor or lightning rod, a tension clamp is also used as a conductor. Therefore, once the clamp is installed, it cannot be removed, and it is also called a fixed clamp. Because it is a conductor, the installation of the fixture must comply with the relevant installation procedures.

Advantage 1: High-quality steel wire.

Spiral aluminum clad steel wire has extremely strong tensile strength, no concentrated stress, and protects the optical cable and helps reduce vibration.

Advantage 2: Plastic shell

Use high-quality materials-nylon and glass fiber, good corrosion resistance, high clamping strength, reliable grip.

Plastic fixing clamps are suitable for insulating low-voltage ABC cables. It also applies to multiple conductors.

Advantage 3: Easy installation and perfect insulation function.

Easy to install and perfect insulation function.

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