What are The Applicable Occasions and Selection Requirements for Flame Retardant Cables?

The flame-retardant nature of the cable in the case of multiple dense configurations should be by the “burning test method for bundled wires and cables”. As well as the cable configuration, the need to prevent catastrophic accidents and economic and reasonable principles, to meet the requirements of the appropriate category.

In the role of external fire for a certain period to maintain power in the following places or circuits, open laying of the cable should be implemented fire protection or the choice of fire-resistant cable. Such as fire, alarm, emergency lighting, blocker operation DC power and generator set emergency shutdown of the preservation of power and other important circuits. Computer monitoring, double relay protection, security power supply, and other dual circuits are used in the same channel when one of the circuits is not isolated from the other.

The implementation of fire protection methods for open laying cables

When the number of cables is small, the fireproof coating, wrapping tape are added to the cable, or the cable is worn in the fire-resistant tube. The cable treasure cable application technology institute, the same channel in the cable more, should be laid in the fire-resistant slot box. And the power cable should be used to breathe type, in the environment without flammable dust available semi-enclosed, laid on the bridge cable protection section is not long, you can also use fire-resistant package.

In the oil tank area, important wood structure public buildings, high-temperature places, and other high fire resistance requirements and laying installation and economic performance to accept the situation, can use non-combustible mineral insulated cable. Self-capacitating oil-filled cables are laid openly in public corridors, passenger tunnels, bridges, and other situations that require the implementation of fire-resistant treatment. Can take buried sand laying. Close to high-voltage current, voltage transformers, and other oil-containing equipment in the cable trench, it is appropriate to make the section of the trench cover sealed.

Dense places

The security requirements of the cable dense places or closed channels should be equipped with automatic fire detection and alarm devices suitable for the environment of reliable action. Open laying oil-filled cable oil supply system should be equipped with automatic fire alarm and lockout devices that reflect the state of oil injection. Underground public facilities of the cable dense parts, multiple oil-filled cable termination settings, and other places with high-security requirements. Can be installed with water spray fire extinguishing and other special fire fighting facilities.

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