The Features And Advantages Of Cable Ties

Features Of Cable Ties: Self-Locking, Uv Resistant And Eco-Friendly

Cable tie products have the characteristics of fast tying, good insulation, prohibition of self-locking, and convenient use. It is widely used for the bundling of internal cables of electronic factories, televisions and computers, the fixing of internal wiring of lighting, motors, electronic toys and other products, the fixing of oil pipelines of mechanical equipment, the fixing of ship cable lines, the overall packaging or bundling of bicycles. Other items can also be used for strapping items, such as agriculture, gardening and handicrafts.

Feature 1: The thickened buckle with ingenuity makes the bite more firm.

Internal analysis thickened three teeth, two teeth are connected, the space is uniform and compact.

When used, the bite sound is clear and stable to achieve greater bite force.

Feature 2: Well-designed stops fix objects better.

The use of humanized check device design in the process of use.

The buckle passes through the socket periodically and intermittently until it reaches the locking position.

Effectively prevent objects from falling, and better secure objects.

Feature 3: Intimate anti-skid design makes it more comfortable to use.

After several adjustments and modifications to the tooth body, the designers came up with the final alveolar alternating occlusion design.

It can be fixed and self-locking without retracting the teeth, and a self-contained horizontal tooth is added to the tail.

When you randomly pick one out and use it, it gives a feeling of friction without slipping off. Even if you accidentally drop it, it can be picked up easily. Non-slip design on the back.

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