What Do You Mean By Shielded Cable? And What Is A Cable Shield Layer?

The shield on the shielded cable is the cable formed in the way of the transmission cable plus a shield against external electromagnetic interference. The so-called ‘cable shielding’ on the cable structure is also a measure to improve the distribution of electric fields. The cable conductor is made of multiple strands of wire stranded, it is easy to form an air gap between the insulation layer, and the conductor surface is not smooth, which will cause the electric field concentration. Then the following will give you detailed knowledge about shielded cables.

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Control Shielded Cable – Metal Shield And Shield Grounding


Metal shielded control cables are an important measure to attenuate and prevent electrical interference. Including the total shielding of the core, sub-shield, and double-layer type total shielding. The choice of metal shielding type of control cable should be based on the strength of the possible impact of electrical interference, taking into account the comprehensive measures to suppress interference to meet the requirements of reducing interference and overvoltage. The higher the requirements for the anti-interference effect, the greater the corresponding investment. Should be used steel belt armor, steel wire braid total shielding, the price of the cable increased by about 10% ~ 20%.

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What is The Purpose of Low-Voltage Shielded Cables? And The Way to Prevent Damage to Shielded Cables?

What is The Purpose of Low-voltage Shielded Cables?

A shielded cable is a transmission line that uses a metal mesh braid to encase the signal line. The braiding layer is usually red copper or tinned copper. The wire and cable industry is the second-largest industry in China, after the automobile industry. The product variety satisfaction rate and domestic market share are over 90%. In the world, China’s total wire and cable output value has surpassed that of the United States, becoming the world’s largest wire and cable producer. Along with the rapid development of China’s wire and cable industry, the number of new enterprises has been rising, and the overall technical level of the industry has been significantly improved.

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