What 90% of people don’t know about mineral insulated cable?

Mineral Insulated Cable Model List

BBTRZ cable is also known as flexible mineral-insulated fireproof cable.

Refers to the flame at 950 degrees Celsius high-temperature environment, through the 1KV voltage can be 180 minutes to maintain normal energization is not broken. It is a BTTZ mineral insulated cable improved model, inherited the BTTZ rigid mineral insulated cable fire, explosion-proof, temperature resistance, high current-carrying capacity, and other characteristics in addition.

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Mineral Cables Have Advantages Over Traditional Cables

The durability and reliability of mineral cable are more advantageous than traditional cable. In addition, the mineral cable is also fire-resistant, mineral cable continuous working temperature of 250 ℃. It can supply power continuously for 3 hours at 950 °C-1000 °C, and can work close to the melting point of copper 1083 °C for short periods or extraordinary periods. Due to the excellent performance of the mineral insulated cable. Therefore, it is suitable for lines with a rated voltage below 1000V.

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What Kind of Cable is the Mineral Cable? Do Not Be Confused With Other Cables.

A mineral insulated cable is a cable with a copper sheath wrapped around the copper conductor core and magnesium oxide powder as inorganic insulation material to isolate the conductor and sheath. The outermost layer can be selected as required with the appropriate protective jacket.

Fire-resistant in mineral insulated cable, due to the entire material of this cable, are used inorganic materials. So it has some advantages that are not possible with other cables. Fire resistance is applied in mineral insulated cables.

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How about the corrosion resistance of mineral fireproof cables?

Mineral fireproof cable is copper core copper sheathed cable insulated by mineral material. It consists of two inorganic materials: copper conductor, magnesium oxide and copper sheath. Many cables are damaged by external forces, and the damage caused by human factors and mechanical collision accounts for a large part of the damage caused by external forces. … Read more