Control Shielded Cable – Metal Shield And Shield Grounding


Metal shielded control cables are an important measure to attenuate and prevent electrical interference. Including the total shielding of the core, sub-shield, and double-layer type total shielding. The choice of metal shielding type of control cable should be based on the strength of the possible impact of electrical interference, taking into account the comprehensive measures to suppress interference to meet the requirements of reducing interference and overvoltage. The higher the requirements for the anti-interference effect, the greater the corresponding investment. Should be used steel belt armor, steel wire braid total shielding, the price of the cable increased by about 10% ~ 20%.

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What are the Product Types of Cables? What is the Basic Knowledge of Cables?

custom kinds of cables

Bare Conductor Wire
Bare wire and bare conductor products refer to the conductive wire without insulation and sheath. It mainly includes three series of products: bare single wire, bare stranded wire and profile wire.

Copper and aluminum single wire: including soft copper single wire, hard copper single wire, soft aluminum single wire, hard aluminum single wire. Mainly used as a variety of wire and cable semi-products, a small amount of communication wire and motor appliances manufacturing.

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