The basics of cables and their accessories! Ten questions and answers!

A device that connects the conductor, insulation shield and maintenance layer between two cables.

This is one of the most comprehensive knowledge of cables and their accessories, if you are recently choosing quality cables and their accessories, then welcome to bookmark this article. As a professional cable team, ZMS Cables will take you through the cables and their accessories.

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The Evolution of Fiber Optic Cables: How They Have Transformed Telecommunications

This is the most common fiber optic cable technology.

Fiber optic cables have revolutionized the telecommunications industry, providing faster and more reliable communication networks. This article explores the evolution of fiber optic cables and their impact on various industries, with a focus on engineers, procurement staff, and the electricity transmission industry. What are fiber optic cable connectors? The fiber optic connector is a crucial … Read more

Briefly Explain The Role of Cable Termination Joints and Installation Requirements

cable termination kit manufacturer

Cable termination and joints are a very important process in cable construction, and the quality of cable termination and joints directly affects the quality of the entire electrical engineering construction.

Therefore, in the process of cable construction, we must conduct a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of the cable to ensure that the cable can work effectively and stably for a long time, which is also the main role of cable termination and joint work.

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35kv Cold-Shrinkable and Heat-Shrinkable Cable Accessories in Wind Farms

The development of new energy in China is now on the fast track, and wind power generation accounts for a significant share of it. Many wind farms are built on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, and the 35kV collector lines of wind farms are laid using direct burial cables to protect the grassland vegetation and the overall appearance of the grassland. From the operation situation, the cable intermediate head has the phenomenon of discharge.

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How Important are Cold-Shrinkable Cable Accessories in the Cable Line?

Cold-shrinkable cable accessories are a kind of prefabricated cable accessories that can be constructed at room temperature without heating. The cold-shrinkable power cable accessories are made of imported liquid silicone rubber. After installation, they always maintain a proper radial pressure on the cable body. The interface characteristics are relatively good, and there will be no creepage breakdown due to cable operation. The stress control part is integrated with the main insulation, which effectively solves the problem of electric stress concentration at the outer shielding section of the cable and ensures reliable insulation. It is a very important cable accessory.

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Common Causes Of Cable Termination Heating

1、High Voltage Cable Termination Structure and Insulation Mdium

1.1 Overall Structure

High-voltage cable terminations can be divided into porcelain sleeve type, composite sleeve type, integral prefabricated type, GIS termination, etc. Their core structure is similar. The description here is based on the ceramic sleeve type cable termination structure as an example.

Figure 1 Typical structure of porcelain sleeve type cable termination

1—Outlet fittings, 2—Wiring post, 3—Shield cover, 4—Insulation filler, 5—Porcelain sleeve, 6—Stress cone protective cover, 7—Stress cone, 8—cone support, 9—support insulator, 10— Tailpipe

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Briefly Describe the Basic Knowledge of Cable Accessories

Cable accessories refer to the intermediate connections and terminal connections of various cables in the cable line, which together with the cables form a power transmission network. With the continuous development of cable manufacturing technology, cable accessories have gone through several stages, such as cast cable accessories, wrapped cable accessories, heat shrinkable cable accessories, prefabricated cable accessories and cold shrinkable cable accessories. At present, the most widely used are heat shrinkable cable accessories, prefabricated cable accessories and cold shrinkable cable accessories. Next, let’s take a look at it in detail.

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What are the Advantages of Cold Shrink Cable Termination?

The Difference Between Cold Shrink Termination and Heat Shrink Termination:

1. The difference between the ground wire connection methods: Cold-shrinkable cable accessories use constant force springs. The heat shrinkable cable accessories need to be soldered when using a ground wire.

2. The difference of the shrinkage method: The plastic support strip of the core part of the cold-shrinkable cable accessory shrinks naturally. The heat-shrinkable cable accessory needs to be heated by fire to shrink the low-voltage cable termination.

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Precautions for Installation and Use of Cable Waterproof Joints

Cable waterproof joints can be applied to environments with water to provide safe and reliable connector joints. The most important thing is to be able to achieve the effect of waterproofing. So what should be paid attention to during the installation and use of the cable waterproof joint? 1. Choose appropriate joint materials according to … Read more