What 90% of people don’t know about mineral insulated cable?

Mineral Insulated Cable Model List

BBTRZ cable is also known as flexible mineral-insulated fireproof cable.

Refers to the flame at 950 degrees Celsius high-temperature environment, through the 1KV voltage can be 180 minutes to maintain normal energization is not broken. It is a BTTZ mineral insulated cable improved model, inherited the BTTZ rigid mineral insulated cable fire, explosion-proof, temperature resistance, high current-carrying capacity, and other characteristics in addition.

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The basics of cables and their accessories! Ten questions and answers!

A device that connects the conductor, insulation shield and maintenance layer between two cables.

This is one of the most comprehensive knowledge of cables and their accessories, if you are recently choosing quality cables and their accessories, then welcome to bookmark this article. As a professional cable team, ZMS Cables will take you through the cables and their accessories.

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Understanding Common Problems with High Voltage Cables: Causes and Solutions

High voltage cables are a kind of power cable, that refers to the power cable used to transmit between 1kv-1000kv, mostly used in power transmission and distribution. And high-voltage cables are very common in daily life, from big factory workshops to small home appliances and so on. For high-voltage cables, people will also have many questions, … Read more

The Evolution of Fiber Optic Cables: How They Have Transformed Telecommunications

This is the most common fiber optic cable technology.

Fiber optic cables have revolutionized the telecommunications industry, providing faster and more reliable communication networks. This article explores the evolution of fiber optic cables and their impact on various industries, with a focus on engineers, procurement staff, and the electricity transmission industry. What are fiber optic cable connectors? The fiber optic connector is a crucial … Read more

Myanmar-Singapore international submarine fiber optic cable project to be constructed

It is reported that the Myanmar-Singapore International Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Laying Project will be under construction for more than five consecutive months in the Myanmar Special Economic Zone. Basic information on the construction of the submarine cable Construction of the first Singaporean private sector-operated submarine cable in Myanmar began at the beginning of the … Read more

Characteristics and Performance of High Voltage Post Insulators

Post insulator products consist of the iron cap, tempered glass parts, and steel feet, and are glued together with cement. The product all adopts the most advanced international cylindrical head structure, which is characterized by small head size. Lightweight, high strength, and large creep age distance. It can save metal materials and reduce the cost of the line. In order to meet the needs of live operation, the traditional domestic structure shape is adopted on the brim of the cap.

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Basic Introduction of Suspension Clamp

The typical products of suspension clamp now retain the U-bolt style (usually called ship clamp). It is composed of a hanger U-bolt, clamp hull, and pressing plate made of malleable cast iron. The other is a pre-twisted suspension clamp. The suspension clamp is used to fix the conductor on the insulator string of the linear pole and tower or hang the lightning conductor on the linear pole and tower. It can also be used to support the transposition conductor on the transposition pole and tower and fix the jumper of the tension angle pole and tower.

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What is the Difference Between Switchgear and Distribution Cabinets?

The Differences Between Switchgear and Distribution Cabinets are as Follows

1. The function is different: switchgear is a complete set of electrical switchgear and control equipment, it is used as a power center and the main distribution device, mainly to play the role of a switch on and off. And distribution cabinet is to plays the function of distribution of electrical energy, line overload, short circuit, leakage protection role.

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