OPGW vs. ADSS: Understanding the Differences Between Fiber Optic Cable Types for Power Transmission Lines

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Difference Between OPGW Fiber Optic Cable and ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

OPGW and ADSS fiber optic cables are both types of outdoor fiber optic cables, which are used to transmit data over long distances.

These cables are made up of extremely thin strands of glass or plastic, known as optical fibers, which are encased in protective sheathing.

The fibers are arranged in a bundle, called a cable core, which is then surrounded by additional layers of protective material to create the final cable.

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ADSS Fiber Optic Cable Relocation and Removal Need to Consider Factors

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ADSS Cable Relocation Considerations

1. Verify The Communication Business Carried By ADSS Cable Across The Line

ADSS fiber optic cable usually carries important electric power communication services before removal needs to verify the business carried across the line.

For example, the power supply company verifies all the services carried by the crossed line through the information of the fiber optic cable line, TMS communication management system and the signage hung at the site.

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The Role Of ADSS Fiber Optic Cable And The Requirements When Laying

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The Role Of ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

In actual use, the role of fiber optic cable is very much, according to different areas and purposes, and the service is also different. The role of fiber optic cable is mainly communication and transmission of data.

For example, in the network construction of fiber to the home application, we can also access the fiber to the home or outdoors for use. A fiber optic broadband network has a more obvious advantage in that it can be used interchangeably with the ordinary broadband network.

So we can transform and upgrade the fiber optic broadband network to ADSS fiber optic cable for use.

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ADSS Fiber Optic Cable And High-Voltage Transmission Line With The Tower Erection Operation Problems

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ADSS fiber optic cable is currently the most commonly used fiber optic cable for power communication, which is installed on high voltage transmission lines. Due to the strong electric field around the high-voltage transmission line, ADSS fiber optic cable, which is exposed to a strong electric field for a long time, is easily damaged by electric corrosion.

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Design Principle Of ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

In recent years, there are two main types of fiber optic cables laid in the power system, ADSS, and OPGW. Among them, ADSS fiber optic cable is welcomed by users for its lightweight, easy construction, and can make full use of the existing tower system, etc. It is developing faster. ZMS Cable Company is committed to leading the market in fiber optic cable technology and has conducted a lot of experiments to verify the design and production of fiber optic cable.

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