Must-see! Installation Matters of High-Voltage Switchgear

What is high-voltage switchgear equipment? High-voltage switchgear refers to the role of on-off, control or protection in the power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and consumption of the power system. Electrical products with voltage levels ranging from 3.6 kV to 550 kV, mainly including high-voltage circuit breakers, high-voltage isolation switches and grounding switches, high-voltage load switches, high-voltage automatic reclosers and sectioners, high-voltage operating mechanisms, high-voltage explosion-proof power distribution devices, and high-voltage Switch cabinets, etc.

The high-voltage switch manufacturing industry is an important part of the power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing industry and occupies a very important position in the entire power industry.

The main parts of the 10kV switchgear include: vacuum circuit breakers, current transformers, locally installed microcomputer protection devices, operating circuit accessories (handles, indicator lights, pressure plates, etc.), various position auxiliary switches. Among them, the circuit breaker and the current transformer are installed inside the switch cabinet, the microcomputer protection, accessories, and the watt-hour meter are installed on the panel of the relay room (the previous name is used, in fact, there is no relay), the terminal block and various power supply air The switch is installed inside the relay room, and the terminal block is connected to the circuit breaker mechanism through a control cable or a special socket. The switchgear shall meet the relevant requirements of the GB 3906-1991 “3-35kV AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear” standard. It is composed of a cabinet and a circuit breaker, and has the functions of overhead incoming and outgoing wires, cable incoming and outgoing wires, and busbar connection. The cabinet is composed of a shell, electrical components (including insulators), various mechanisms, secondary terminals and connections. Operational requirements of high-voltage switchgear:

  1. Operators must hold a special post operation certificate (high-voltage network access certificate), and the high-voltage operation must be performed by two persons, one person for operation, and one person for supervision.
  2. Operators must understand the status and work content of the high-voltage switchgear, and be familiar with the performance and operation methods of the high-voltage switchgear they are operating.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to operate the high-voltage ring main unit. Before operating the six-panel chemical sulphur switchgear, check whether the six-panel chemical sulphur pressure gauge indicates whether it is within the normal range (not less than 5 atmospheres).
  4. The tools used must meet the authorized use standards, and the insulated gloves, insulated shoes, and operating rods should be checked before operation. If there is moisture, fracture, or damage, and the insulation registration is lower than the voltage to be operated, the operation is prohibited.
  5. Wear insulation and insulating gloves during operation. Operate strictly in accordance with the order of operation. After a power failure, a warning sign should be hung on the high-voltage switchgear and locked.

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