How do Identify The Authenticity of Mineral Insulated Fireproof Cable?

As the mineral insulated fireproof cable for the power transmission of the building engineering fire system, its safety and reliability requirements are very high. It is the “lifeline” of rescue in case of fire, but now the cable industry market is mixed, with fierce competition between peers and overcapacity, which gives unscrupulous businessmen the understanding of the crooked brain. How do distinguish the authenticity of fire-resistant cable?

First, mineral cable

Now the civil building fire design codes require fire protection system cable using the mineral insulated cable. The structure is divided into rigid mineral-insulated copper-sheathed cable and flexible mineral-insulated copper-sheathed cable, also known as fire-resistant cable. They are using annealed copper as the conductor, dense magnesium oxide as insulation, and annealed copper tube as a sheath of a cable. If necessary, the annealed copper sheath is outside the extrusion of a plastic outer sheath. Special requirements for smoke-free and halogen-free occasions can be added outside a layer of low-smoke halogen-free sheath.

Second, mineral-insulated fire-resistant cables to identify

  1. because the mineral insulated cable rated voltage in the 500/750V voltage level or more, belongs to the scope of the production license and does not belong to the scope of 3C certification. 3C certification refers to the 450/750V voltage level below the wire and cable, the national mandatory certification, so you can see whether the enterprise business license has wire and cable production license items.
  2. mineral insulated cable has a unique quality certification department of the National Wire and Cable Quality Inspection Center. The relevant production mineral cable enterprises in the user ordering mineral insulated cable should take the initiative to present a qualified test report.
  3. Only BTTZ and YTTW have national standards in mineral cable models. The rests are only industry standards or corporate standards.
  4. mineral insulated cable due to high technical content, especially BTTZ mineral insulated copper core copper sheath cable, using copper tube drawing annealing technology, only a few large domestic cable companies can produce, it is best to visit the production line.
  5. to see whether the British BS6387CWZ has the highest standard testing. Belongs to the international standard of mineral insulated cable. 6.
  6. generally distinguished from the cable structure, mineral cables are required to have a metal sheath, only BBTRZ flexible mineral cable does not contain a metal sheath.

Third, the status of mineral insulated cables

Want to identify the quality of mineral insulated cable first need to enhance the user’s own understanding of the level of mineral cable, not just look at the surface information. More from the side to understand the cable company and its reputation in the cable industry and other important information, do not greed for a moment of cheap price. The price of the cable is a daily fluctuation according to the price of copper up and down. Especially mineral cable if the price is lower than the market price that is a problem, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. If the quality is not up to scratch will give future safety hazards, and the consequences are more serious.

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