How about the corrosion resistance of mineral fireproof cables?

Mineral fireproof cable is copper core copper sheathed cable insulated by mineral material. It consists of two inorganic materials: copper conductor, magnesium oxide and copper sheath. Many cables are damaged by external forces, and the damage caused by human factors and mechanical collision accounts for a large part of the damage caused by external forces. If the insulation layer of the cable skin is broken, the inner metal cable will be exposed. If exposed to the sun and rain, it is easy to rust and accelerate the aging of the cable.

Mineral cables are highly resistant and slow the spread of flames along wires and cables so that the fire does not spread.

Fire resistance: In the case of flame burning can maintain a certain operating time, that is to maintain the integrity of the circuit.

Halogen-free: Wire and cable are made of materials that do not contain halogens and whose combustion products are less corrosive.

Low halogen: Wire and cable materials may contain halogens, but in low amounts.

Low smoke: wire and cable combustion produces less smoke, that is, higher light transmittance.

Low toxicity: The gas produced when wire and cable materials are burned is less toxic. At this stage, our country is vigorously developing clean and environmentally friendly products, and mineral cable is the essential basic products in the future life and production. Mineral cable products do not produce large amounts of smoke when burned and do not release toxic halogen gases. They are widely used in the field of fire safety, such as schools, shopping centers, subways, high-rise buildings, etc. And it play a very good role in personnel safety. Protective effect. In addition, the flame retardant cable can automatically extinguish the flame when burning, and the product has the characteristics of poor flame retardancy and low combustion performance.

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