Features Of ZMS’s Prefabricated Suspension Clamps

Prefabricated Hanging Clip

The prefabricated suspension clamps are mainly used to support OPGW suspension cables. It is suitable for transmission lines of OPGW cables, conductors and ground wires. It is recommended to use it on lines with a turning angle less than 30 degrees.

Compared with ordinary suspension clamps, pre-twisted suspension clamps have the following advantages:

Advantage 1: Pressure distribution

The pre-twisted suspension clamp can distribute the stress in a larger area, greatly reducing the influence of static stress (such as bending, shearing and stretching) on the wire, and greatly improving the ability of the wire to withstand stress. In addition, when the metal wire vibrates or even jumps, it is not easy to cause damage to the suspension wire.

Advantage 2: Less wear

The protective wire of the pre-twisted suspension clamp can hold the wire on both sides of the suspension point to withstand higher unbalanced load, thereby avoiding the slip of the wire, and thus reducing the wear of the wire to the limit.

Advantage 3: Anti-aging and anti-loose

The protective wire of the pre-twisted suspension clamp is made of materials that match the wire, and has excellent elasticity and toughness at the same time. Compared with ordinary rigid aluminum protection wire, it has excellent anti-aging performance and anti-looseness. Therefore, it can be used throughout the year.

Advantage 4: Excellent electrical performance

The unique design of the pre-twisted suspension clip can reduce electromagnetic losses and the spherical end of the corona wire or the end of the parrot’s beak, thereby ensuring that no tip discharge occurs.

Advantage 5: Anti-fatigue properties

The design of the suspension clamp should consider reducing the impact of wind vibration on the wire and grounding wire, and avoid stress concentration damaging the wire and grounding wire.

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