Copper Wire Shielding or Copper Tape Shielding, Have You Chosen the Right One?

According to different occasions, the cable structure is also different. In the occasion of shielding interference, shielded cables are widely used. So when choosing shielded cables, should you choose copper wire shielding or copper tape shielding?
The function of the shielding layer is mainly to protect the current or signal from external electromagnetic interference. And it avoid the electromagnetic field generated by itself during use to the surrounding environment and current flow failure.

According to the requirements of shielding performance, choose different materials, such as copper wire braided shield, copper tape wrapped shield, copper wire loosely wrapped shield, aluminum alloy wire braided shield, copper clad aluminum wire braided shield, aluminum-plastic composite tape wrapped shield, etc. In order to ensure the continuity of the shielding layer and reduce the transmission impedance of the shielding layer, it is usually necessary to place one or more annealed copper wires longitudinally in the shielding layer as a drain wire for copper tape winding.
The main direction of the copper tape shielding current is the same as that of the copper tape. The copper wire shields the current flowing through a short path and generates less heat, while the two-layer copper tape shield increases the shielding cross-sectional area, reduces the flowing current, and generates less heat. Although it can shield the signal, if it is aimed at a cable with a current carrying capacity of 500mm, the magnetic field generated by it itself will also increase. When the short-circuit current exceeds a certain value, the effective cross-section value of the second layer of 0.12 mm copper tape cannot reach the larger effective cross-section value that can be achieved by copper wire winding.

From the above comprehensive considerations, the shielding effect of copper wire is much better than other shielding methods, and the continuity is reliable, so you can choose copper tape shielded cable.

However, according to different construction schemes and laying environments, the utilization rate of copper shielded cables is also very high.

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