Copper Cable Lug: Anti-Oxidation , Graphic Customization, High Conductivity

Power cable accessories are products that connect cables with transmission and distribution lines and related power distribution equipment. Generally, they refer to the intermediate connections and terminal connections of various cables in the cable line. Together with cables, they form a power transmission network.

Cable accessories are mainly based on the characteristics of the cable structure, which can not only restore the performance of the cable, but also ensure the extension of the cable length and the connection of the terminals.

Cable lugs are a kind of cable accessories, used as materials in construction, power equipment, and electrical connections, and play a vital role in the installation of electrical equipment. They are usually used for cable end connection, which can make the cable and electrical connection stronger and safer.

At the same time, the processing technology using advanced surface treatment technology is also very advanced.

After pickling, the color after pickling is basically the same as the true color of copper, which can play a role in beauty, oxidation resistance and conductivity.

After tinning, the surface of the copper nose after tinning is silvery white, which can better prevent oxidation and conduction, and prevent the harmful gas generated during the copper conduction process from diffusing.

Application advantages:

1. Easy to install and reduce construction time.

2. Many types and specifications, logo and graphics customization support.

3. Good conductivity and safety.

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