What is a thermocouple wire and how does it work?

Take a look at the thermocouple wire today. What is a thermocouple? A thermocouple is a temperature-measuring element commonly used in temperature-measuring instruments. Usually by the heating electrode, insulation sleeve protection tube junction box, and other major components, usually display instruments, recording instruments, and electronic regulator supporting the use. In the industrial production process, temperature … Read more

Understanding Common Problems with High Voltage Cables: Causes and Solutions

High voltage cables are a kind of power cable, that refers to the power cable used to transmit between 1kv-1000kv, mostly used in power transmission and distribution. And high-voltage cables are very common in daily life, from big factory workshops to small home appliances and so on. For high-voltage cables, people will also have many questions, … Read more

The Evolution of Fiber Optic Cables: How They Have Transformed Telecommunications

This is the most common fiber optic cable technology.

Fiber optic cables have revolutionized the telecommunications industry, providing faster and more reliable communication networks. This article explores the evolution of fiber optic cables and their impact on various industries, with a focus on engineers, procurement staff, and the electricity transmission industry. What are fiber optic cable connectors? The fiber optic connector is a crucial … Read more

Myanmar-Singapore international submarine fiber optic cable project to be constructed

It is reported that the Myanmar-Singapore International Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Laying Project will be under construction for more than five consecutive months in the Myanmar Special Economic Zone. Basic information on the construction of the submarine cable Construction of the first Singaporean private sector-operated submarine cable in Myanmar began at the beginning of the … Read more

World’s First Unmanned HVDC Offshore Platform Installed

The World’s First Unmanned HVDC Offshore Platform

The construction of Dogger Bank, which will become the world’s largest offshore wind farm, has reached another milestone with the installation of the world’s first unmanned high-voltage direct current (HVDC) offshore substation.

The substation is the first of three platforms supplied by Aibel to be installed at Dogger Bank, which is being built in three 1.2GW phases, A, B, and C.

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TENNET Selects NKT and Prysmian to Build World’s Largest Offshore Cable System

hv dc underground cable

ZMS Cable News

In the Esbjerg Declaration of the North Sea Energy Summit back in May 2022, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Belgium agreed to jointly install at least 65 gigawatts of offshore wind energy by 2030.

Transmission System Operator (TSO) TenneT will account for nearly two-thirds of this, 40 GW of which – 20 GW each in the German and Dutch North Sea. And recent geopolitical developments underscore the need to invest in power transmission to ensure energy security through an accelerated energy transition.

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