Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester

Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester is a new type of lightning arrester with good protection performance, it mainly has zinc oxide varistor composition. The zinc oxide surge arrester of ZMS adopts a high-quality composite insulation jacket, which has the advantages of miniaturization, safety, and maintenance-free products. Compared with traditional inorganic materials such as ceramics and glass, polymer conforming materials have the characteristics of small size, lightweight, high dirt resistance, explosion-proof, and shockproof.

Main Types: HY5WS, HY5WZ, HY5WR, HY5WT, HY5WD, HY10WZ, HY5WX

Zinc Oxide Arrester for Overhead Line Transmission

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10kv Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester

The product is made of zinc oxide based multi-metal oxide powder firing. It has intentional nonlinear volt-ampere characteristics, fast steep-slope response, large through-current capacity, etc. Gapped products use self-blowing gaps with equal pressure irradiation structure, which reduces the dispersion of discharge and has a small impact factor.

Zinc Oxide Arrester Features

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35kv Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester

The core working element of this product is made of zinc oxide based multi-metal oxide powder firing. It has excellent nonlinear volt-ampere characteristics, fast steep-slope response and large through-current capacity. The use of polymer organic composite insulation outer sheath ensures the product’s smaller size, lighter weight, fouling resistance and excellent anti-explosion and anti-vibration characteristics. The product is commonly used in AC 220kV and below power generation, transmission, substation and distribution systems.

Zinc Oxide Arrester Features

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Detachable Zinc Oxide Arresters

Detachable lightning arrester can also be called drop type zinc oxide lightning arrester. The drop arrester is a distribution type zinc oxide arrester modified and cleverly installed on the drop mechanism of the drop fuse. Reach can be easily detected, repaired and replaced with the lightning arrester with the help of insulated pull lever, in the case of non-stop power.

Zinc Oxide Arrester Features

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Lightning Arrester With Hot Fusion Type & Hot Explosion Type Disconnector

Lightning arrester disconnector is an accessory of lightning arrester, and lightning arrester used in series. Its purpose is when the arrester has an abnormal fault, the use of the arrester flowing through the frequency short-circuit current so that the disconnector action. So that the grounding end of the disconnector automatically disconnected, the arrester out of the system operation, to prevent further expansion of the accident.

Zinc Oxide Arrester Features

Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester Has Seven Main Characteristics

Through-Current Capability

Mainly reflected in the arrester has the ability to absorb a variety of lightning overvoltage, frequency transient overvoltage, operating overvoltage.

Protection Performance

Zinc oxide lightning arrester has good protection performance. It can protect various electrical appliances in the power system from voltage damage.

Sealing Performance

Arrester components using aging performance, good gas tightness of high quality in line with the outer sheath. Ensure that it is sealed reliably, so that the performance of the arrester is stable.

Mechanical Performance

Lightning arrester has excellent ability to withstand earthquake force. Has excellent ability to prevent high wind pressure. The top of the arrester bears the maximum allowable pressure of the overhead conductor.

Anti-Fouling Performance

Gapless zinc oxide arrester has high fouling resistance.

Work Frequency Withstanding Ability

Due to the power system, such as single-phase grounding, long line capacitance effect and dumping load and other reasons, will cause the rise of the industrial frequency voltage or generate a high amplitude transient overvoltage. Lightning arrester has the ability to withstand certain frequency voltage rise in a certain period of time.

Long-Term Operational Reliability

ZMS manufacturing companies zinc oxide arrester has high product quality and reasonable product selection. ZMS strictly requires itself to ensure the following three aspects of quality assurance: the rationality of the arrester finishing structure, the voltammetric characteristics of the zinc oxide valve piece and aging resistance characteristics; the sealing performance of the arrester. to achieve long-term effective operation of the product.

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