Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The vacuum circuit breaker is a kind of cable accessory which plays the role of protecting the circuit. When the circuit is in normal operation, it can control the cut-off and connection of various electrical equipment or power cable lines. When a fault occurs in the circuit, the vacuum circuit breaker can quickly cut off the current in the fault area to reduce the accident loss. Under normal conditions, the vacuum circuit breaker must work together with relay protection.

Features Of ZMS's Vacuum Circuit Breaker

● The arc starts quickly, only half a cycle, independent of the current.
● After the arc is extinguished, the gap medium at the contact position recovers extremely fast
● Small wear and tear of contacts in use, greatly delaying the service life of vacuum circuit breaker contacts, and small sound, suitable for frequent operation.
● Small size and lightweight
● Small contact distance shortens the running stroke required for machine operation, thus reducing the operating power and greatly improving the service life.

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Kinds Of Vacuum Circuit Breaker Products

The main types of ZMS vacuum circuit breakers are ZW32 vacuum circuit breaker series, ZW20 vacuum circuit breaker series, ZW7 vacuum circuit breaker series, and VS1 vacuum circuit breaker series.
The Working Principle Of Vacuum Circuit Breaker
The arc extinguishing medium of the vacuum circuit breaker is a high vacuum, there is no conductive medium in the vacuum, which can extinguish the arc quickly.
The vacuum circuit breaker uses the plasma that bursts suddenly when the current passes zero in the vacuum to extinguish the arc, so as to cut off the current.

ZW32 Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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VS1-12 Fixed Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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VS1-12 Handcart Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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More Hot Vacuum Circuit Breaker Products

ZW20-12F Vacuum Circuit Breaker Series
VS1-12-630A Vacuum Circuit Breaker
ZW10-6-11R Vacuum Circuit Breaker Series

Maintenance Method of Vacuum Circuit Breaker

1. Avoid exposing the vacuum circuit breaker to humid or unclean air. The reasons are as follows:
(1) In a humid environment, the gas is easily decomposed by the arc, which damages the insulation of the circuit breaker and causes the arc to reignite. The arc is difficult, and the arc extinguishing chamber may burst.
(2) The insulation strength will be affected, and a discharge accident may occur.
(3) Humid air will cause rust and slag to appear in the vacuum circuit breaker pipe, causing the air port to be blocked.

2. Regularly replace rubber parts
Vacuum circuit breakers have particularly high requirements for sealing. In order to ensure sealing performance, rubber parts should be regularly maintained or replaced.

3. Regularly check the main components of the vacuum circuit breaker
1. extinguishing chamber, 2. non-linear resistance, 3. main valve, 4. transmission air cylinder, 5. ventilation plug.

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