Suspension Type Insulator

Suspension Type Insulator

Suspended Type Insulators are generally made of insulating parts (e.g. porcelain, glass parts) and metal accessories (e.g. steel feet, iron caps, flanges, etc.) bonded with adhesive or mechanically clamped. Insulators are widely used in electric power systems, most of which are externally insulated and operate under atmospheric conditions.
ZMS can produce low, medium, and high voltage standard insulators made of epoxy resin, ceramic, polymer materials, and glass. We can manufacture any type of insulator product to meet your project requirements. Contact us today for more competitive pricing on polymer suspension insulators.

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Power Line Insulator

Types Of Suspension Insulator Products

Suspension insulator

Polymer Suspension Insulators

Polymer suspension insulators are made from fiberglass epoxy mandrels, silicone rubber sheds, and metal fittings. Adopting international advanced-level pressure welding technology, it has high strength, beautiful contour, small volume, and is lightweight.

  • Rated Voltage: 11KV-33KV
  • Material: Polymer composite material
  • Rod Material: fiber glass
  • Tensile Strength: 70KN/120KN
  • Standard: IEC61109
  • Packing: carton

The porcelain suspension insulators are composed of a single or a string of insulating discs suspended from a tower. It operates at a voltage of 33kv or more. The insulator caps are made of high-density ductile iron and we test each cap by magnetic particle testing method. The overhead cable insulator pins are made of forged steel, a material that ensures that the interior of the pin is free of any defects such as air, holes, cracks, etc. Both caps and pins are hot-dips galvanized and the thickness of zinc conforms to ASTM 135.
We produce disc porcelain with high alumina porcelain C120, which is covered with a hard glaze, and the color can be gray, brown, white, or according to the customer’s requirements. The material of the R-lock pin is stainless steel, which guarantees a very secure insulator string connection.
We use excellent Portland cement to assemble the overhead line insulators with the associated caps and pins, and the cement remains good even after years of maintenance.

About Polymer Insulators and Ceramic Insulators

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The Advantages of Polymer Insulators

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The Advantages of Porcelain Insulator

In general, overhead line insulators are designed to ensure good insulation between transmission fixed poles, transmission lines, parts of the transmission lines, and the earth. It is designed to avoid short circuits caused by the contact between the transmission line and the rest of the conductors during the transmission of electricity and has a pivotal role in electricity.

Types Of Overhead Line Suspension Insulators


The umbrella insulator is the oldest type of suspension insulator in use. It is characterized by its simple structure and shape, low cost, and is suitable for use in clean areas. They are usually used on AC transmission lines.

The disk-type suspension insulator is the most common and important type of line insulator in use. This cable insulator consists of an iron cap, insulating porcelain parts, and feet glued together with a cementitious adhesive.

This umbrella insulator has a long under-umbrella prong. The product can achieve a large creepage distance, the inner cavity under the umbrella is not easy to damp, and has a high fouling withstand voltage. It is more suitable for use on AC and DC transmission lines in coastal, foggy and humid, and saline areas.

These two shapes are smooth and open under the umbrella without edges. Therefore, its weather self-cleaning performance is good and the natural accumulation rate of dirt is low, coupled with the large creepage distance, the products have good dirt withstand voltage level. The umbrella structure can be used in a dusty environment. These umbrella-shaped insulators are called “aerodynamic”. They are suitable for various operating conditions, especially for AC and DC transmission lines in heavy fouling, high altitude, and desert areas.

This type has a particularly large diameter umbrella disc, a smooth, non-ribbed umbrella, a streamlined structure, good self-cleaning properties, and low dirt accumulation.
The use of characteristics is interspersed in the upper and middle of the overhead electric wire insulator dangling string of AC and DC lines, and the extra large disk diameter structure can play a role in inhibiting the occurrence of line dirt flashover caused by ice skating and bird droppings.

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