Overhead Line Fitting

Overhead Line Fitting

Overhead Line Fitting is to guide the line connection accessories called joints, such as butt joints, cross-connections, parallel connections, and other ways.

Gold fixtures need to withstand high tensile forces in operation, but also to ensure good contact and the safety of the conductor or tower. Even if one of them is damaged, it can cause the whole line to fail. Therefore, the quality, correct use, and installation of the gold fixture have a certain impact on the safety of the line to send electricity.

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Kinds of ZMS's Overhead Line Fittings

  • Link Fittings
  • Guy Wire Fittings
  • Strain clamp
  • Groove Clamp
  • Insulation Piercing Clamp

  • Protective Fittings
  • Dead End Clamp
  • Stockbridge Damper
  • Professional Customization
  • Suspension Clamps

Overhead Line Fitting Types

YJ series insulated piercing clamp are used for most types of low voltage ABC conductors, as well as for connections in service line systems, building electrical systems and street lighting systems. Contact is achieved by simultaneous puncture insulation.
– Insulation is made of weather and UV resistant glass fiber reinforced polymer.
– Tin copper or robust aluminum alloy is selected for contact with the blades, ensuring an optimal transition in the contact area.
– Insulated end caps for easy installation.
– Insulation withstand voltage exceeding 6kV (1mm) when the product is immersed in water.

YJPA series dead end clamps are used to fix the end of inside line, also suitable for insulated LV-ABC cable and multiple conductors. The body is made of high-quality materials of high tensile strength and resistance to environmental effects and UV radiation.
– Body and wedge: Weather and UV radiation resistant thermoplastic
– Bail set: Stainless steel 201
– Tension clamp standard: nfc33-042
– Use: For dead-ending of cables with round shape.
– Installation: Open the clamp and insert the messenger cable between the wedge and the body. Then close the clamp and pull it tight.

NLL series bolt type tension clamp is mainly used for power lines or substations, fixed conductive lines and lightning rods. It can also be used to connect strain insulators by connecting hardware or lightning rods with brackets.
– It is designed for overhead lines up to 30kV.
– It is suitable for fixing insulated aluminum conductors or bare aluminum conductors to the rotating angle of terminal strain bars or insulators to fix and fasten overhead conductors.
– Materials: Body, retainer – aluminum alloy, split pin – stainless steel, others – hot-dip galvanized steel.
– The grip strength of the clamp is greater than 95% of the breaking strength of the conductor.
– Insulation cover and strain relief clamp are used together for insulation protection.

Suspension clamps are used to fix the wires on the insulator string of the straight pole tower, or to suspend the lightning protection wire on the straight pole tower. At the same time, it can also be used to support the transposition wire on the transposition pole tower and fix the jumper wire of the tensile corner pole tower.
– The body of the clamp and the keeper are made of aluminum alloy.
– The locating pin is made of stainless steel.
– Other parts are made of steel.
– All iron parts are hot-dipped galvanized.

FDZ series combined dampers are suitable for all conductor and ground structures, including ACSR, AAC, AAAC, AACSR (aluminum conductor steel reinforcement).
A frightening phenomenon in overhead transmission lines is the occurrence of high frequency, short wave vibrations in conductors, shields and overhead communication cables due to the flow of natural wind.
-The clamps are aluminum alloy and the other parts are hot-dipped galvanized.

High-Voltage Overhead Line Fixing Cleats

High-Voltage Overhead Line Fixing Cleats

The product is made of high-strength anti-corrosion aluminum alloy material. It is mainly used to fix the position of the cable, and it is clamped by screw fastening. The fixing clip has a compact and reasonable structure, convenient and flexible installation, and does not damage the cable.

Splicing Fittings

Splicing fittings are mainly used for the connection and repair of conductors and lightning protection wires of overhead power lines. The structure and installation methods can be divided into compression type, bolt type and pre-twisted wire.

The DC resistance of various splicing fittings is not greater than the DC resistance of equal-length wires; the current-carrying temperature rise is lower than that of the wire. The grip strength of the compression type continuous tube to the wire is not less than 95% of the calculated breaking force of the wire.

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Guy Wire Fittings

Guy wire fittings are mainly used to fix the cable tower, including all the parts from the top of the tower to the ground cable. The safe operation of the cable tower is mainly ensured by the cable and other cable fittings.

Protective Fittings

Protective fittings are mainly used to reduce the vibration amplitude of overhead power line wires and lightning protection wires. As well as the voltage equalization shielding of the insulator strings of lines and substations above 330kv. Such as anti-vibration hammer, spacer rod, pressure equalizing shield ring, etc.

Link Fittings

Link Fittings

Link fittings are mainly used to connect insulators, suspension clamps, strain clamps and protective fittings to form a suspension or strain string.

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