Basic Introduction of Suspension Clamp

The typical products of suspension clamp now retain the U-bolt style (usually called ship clamp). It is composed of a hanger U-bolt, clamp hull, and pressing plate made of malleable cast iron. The other is a pre-twisted suspension clamp. The suspension clamp is used to fix the conductor on the insulator string of the linear pole and tower or hang the lightning conductor on the linear pole and tower. It can also be used to support the transposition conductor on the transposition pole and tower and fix the jumper of the tension angle pole and tower.

(1) Old ship clamp

This kind of clamp can be used for conductor and lightning conductors. It can bear the installation load of the conductor in the vertical span, and it is not allowed for the clamp to slide or separate from the insulator string when the line is in normal operation or broken. The bearing pressure of the tower using the neutral clamp is large.

(2) Pre twisted suspension clamp

Function and application: it is used for the connection of ADSS optical cable, OPGW optical cable, and various conductors in straight poles and towers. The combination of inner and outer spiral pre-twisted wires can well protect the optical cable without concentrated stress, avoid bending stress, and play the role of protection and auxiliary vibration reduction for the optical cable. The complete set of suspension clamps includes inner and outer pre-twisted wire, suspension head, and supporting connecting fittings. The grip strength of the clamp is greater than 10% — 20% of the rated tensile strength of the optical cable, which is convenient for installation.

The suspension clamp includes a hanger, u-screw, and hull.

There is a limit to the maximum deflection angle of the suspension clamp. When the hull turns to a certain angle, the U-shaped screw will be blocked by the hanger. The maximum deflection angle is also a safe operating condition. The maximum deflection angle is not only related to the suspension angle of the conductor or ground wire on both sides of the tower suspension point. But also related to the diameter of the conductor and ground wire (the outer diameter of the conductor shall include the thickness of aluminum wrapping tape or the diameter of the armor strip). The larger the diameter, the more the U-shaped screw moves upward, the smaller the maximum deflection angle. If it is greater than the maximum deflection angle, measures shall be taken, such as changing the double line clamp, adjusting tower height, or specially designed new clamp, etc.

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