The Advantages of Aerial Bundled Cable(ABC Cable)

Aerial bundled cables (also known as aerial cables or simply ABC) are overhead power transmission lines. It is usually tightly bundled with several insulated phase wires and is usually used with bare neutral conductors.

For example, the commonly used three-layer service introduction cable is in contrast to the traditional practice of using non-insulated conductors separated by an air gap. This change in overhead power lines uses the same principles as bundle conductors, except that they are closer to the contact point, but each conductor is surrounded by an insulating layer (except the neutral wire).

The main objection of the traditional design is that multiple conductors are considered unsightly, and external forces (high wind conditions) will cause them to contact and short-circuit. The resulting sparks are one of the causes of forest fires in arid areas. In the UK, some supplies of rural property have been switched from TT grounding systems to PME / MEN. Some people worry that only low-level conductors may be damaged (eg, through high-altitude vehicles or fallen trees), but the upper phase conductors are intact. This is a potentially dangerous failure condition.

In a humid climate, tree growth is an important issue for overhead transmission lines. The aerial bundled cable will not arc when touched by a tree branch. Although continued friction is still a problem, pruning trees can reduce costs.

Low-voltage overhead cables have been developed in many countries around the world, and are becoming cheaper, safer, more reliable, require less tree cleaning and construction, more beautiful, less labor-intensive, require less maintenance, and eliminate wires Jungle fire caused by collision.

Advantages of our Traditional Overhead Lines:

1. Be relatively immune to short circuits caused by external forces (high winds, fallen branches). Unless they scratch the insulation.

2. Can stand close to trees/buildings, and touch will not produce sparks.

3. There is almost no need to trim trees.

4. The installation is simpler and does not require crossbars and insulators.

5. Convenient installation and hanging line, low labor intensity, fewer construction resources required.

6. More aesthetics.

7. Significantly improved the safety of staff, especially working on live conductors.

8. Make stealing electricity more difficult.

How to Select Overhead Insulated Cable?

First, to buy ABC cable, you must recognize the regular brand, meet the relevant standards, and choose products with quality certification (such as CCC certification) and factory certificate of conformity. Must go to the regular store or supplier agent to buy wire and cable products.

Second, the wire material is divided into copper and aluminum, aluminum wire is easy to oxidation and corrosion. The joint part is easy to catch fire, the incidence of fire is dozens of times the copper wire, so the state named the use of copper conductors in new homes. High-quality copper wire, it’s a copper core selection of high purity of positive red-purple copper, bright surface, slightly soft, poor quality core easy to oxidation, the surface dark.

In addition, the quality of insulation, poor quality wire using insulation materials are recycled plastic, dark color, loose texture, uneven thickness, poor insulation capacity, ignition with a lighter is easy to aging or breakdown voltage. Qualified insulation material is bright, uniform thickness, ignition does not catch fire, etc.

ZMS Cable Company is a cable supplier with many years of experience in the cable industry. The cables we produce and sell not only meet the specifications of various countries (such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, international standards, etc.). But also, we have been rigorously tested by various industries. Therefore, the quality of our cables is of high quality.

How to Determine the Quality of Aerial Bundled Cable?

1. Stranded aluminum-clad steel-stranded wire appearance surface smooth, New knot should be uniform and tight, can have no society, short shot, loose wine, hot hair, and other phenomena, cutting can not be loosened.

2. Twisted galvanized steel strand wire line appearance surface should be uniform and continuous galvanization, no cracks, plating deficiencies. Each wire within the galvanized steel strand should be tightly screwed together, without interlacing, fracture, bending, etc. The diameter and twist of the steel strand should be uniform, and not loose after cutting.

3. Twisted prestressing steel strand appearance surface should not have lubricants, oil stains, and other substances that reduce the bond between the steel strand and concrete. The steel strand surface is allowed to melt slightly, but not to melt into a pit visible to the naked eye. After starting the burner and the warning light comes on, you must wait for at least 20 seconds, then press the reset button again to restart.

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